Engineering Assessments

Our experience across a range of passive fire protection systems allow us to develop robust Engineering Assessments and bespoke system solutions based upon relevant test data so you can satisfy design and site requirements without compromising on materials or safety.

IFC can assist in satisfying architectural design criteria and specific site requirements, by confidently determining the acceptable flexibility, tolerance, and usage variations that construction products have from their originally tested specification.

Fire resisting assemblies are rarely supplied in an identical form to that which was tested. A fire resistance test report will therefore only identify exactly the element which was tested and the subsequent result it achieved, with no variations or opinions expressed within the report.

We can provide opinion and expert judgement of the performance, expressed in the form of an concise engineering assessment, which is supported by numerical and quantifiable methods, as well as experience of conducting fire resistance tests on similar products.

The proposed specification for the building element will invariably require the construction to be supplied at a size, in a mode (such as with glazing apertures, glass, bespoke frames, building hardware) which are different from that tested. If an approving authority does not feel technically able to make a judgement to cover such variations, or, does not wish to take responsibility for them, then a third party expert opinion is often sought. 

This is precisely when IFC’s knowledge and experience will provide confidence, minimise risk and ensure projects are able to continue to time and to specification.

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With expanding offices throughout the UK and overseas our team are able to offer local advice wherever you need it. So regardless of project size, location or complexity, our dedicated team will remain your partner every step of the way.