Fire risk Management

It is always better to prevent a fire than react to one – this simple mantra is the cornerstone of successful fire safety management. But sometimes fires do occur, and it can be a devastating prospect, but with the expertise of the IFC Group’s Fire Safety professionals you're in safe hands.

Of course, preventing a fire relies on more than just words, there’s a need to consider Fire Safety holistically, taking the constituent parts and developing and establishing support mechanisms and then continuously reviewing them to ensure they remain effective.

IFC regularly conduct assessments and provide detailed reports for clients across the built environment from Educational and Healthcare buildings, to Residential high-rise and large Retail properties, to Warehouse and Industrial premises.

You will find we can provide critical Fire Safety advice and insights, working with you across the range of RIBA stages and more specifically, throughout Stages 5 (Construction), 6 (Handover & Close-out) and 7 (In-use).

With the extensive capabilities of our engineers and safety professionals, we offer a complete range of fire risk management services delivering fire risk assessments, conducting independent audits, producing fire safety plans, developing fire safety management procedures and helping to train staff.