What is Fire Engineering

No two buildings are exactly alike. Many have similar functional requirements, but each is unique; incorporating different materials, layouts and occupants. Fire Engineers at IFC can apply fire engineering techniques, along with their exacting knowledge of standards and design acumen, to advise on robust and cost-effective fire safety engineering solutions.

Fire protection is one of the most important investments and critical considerations that can be made on a construction project.

Our clients expect and demand the very best fire safety advice. They look to the IFC Group to ensure their buildings comply with recognised standards and guidance and that they are professionally designed to match the ever greater expectations for fire safety.

Standard fire safety design guides (such as Approved Document B or NFPA 101) can be overly restrictive on the design of buildings, especially for innovative or unusual ones. Construction projects that have simply followed these guides have often resulted in inappropriate designs which can detract from the original concepts and plans for the building, as well as causing unnecessary or wasted expenditures.

Fire safety engineering offers an alternative focused approach to building design, that ensures the structure and its occupants are as safe from the dangers of fire as can be reasonably expected; rather than simply ensuring that it complies with a design document.

Our aim is to incorporate tailored fire safety engineering solutions so that an acceptable level of safety is provided.

Fire safety engineering can incorporate the most appropriate methods of fire protection (from a host of engineering techniques) which will help to minimise the impact of fire on the building, take advantage of real cost efficiencies and ultimately improve overall resilience and safety.

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We understand every project is different and so too is every solution

Our fire safety engineering advice can be provided at all RIBA project stages

From early identification of potential fire issues at Stage 0 (Strategic Definition), to the development of detailed Fire Safety Strategies, IFC provide a range of consulting services involving design specification and engineering support through-out. 

Incorporating a tailored fire engineered solution into a new build or renovation project, will ensure that the design brief can be met without compromising life safety, risk of damage to property, and ensure business continuity.

If you have a project which you believe will benefit from the expert advice provided by engineers at the IFC Group, or would like to understand how best to resolve a particular fire safety issue, please get in touch ❯


Our experienced team can assist you with advice on any fire safety issues and with expanding offices throughout the UK and overseas our team are able to offer local advice wherever you need it. Please complete our enquiry form, so we can assess your requirements.
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