Computational Modelling (CFD)

Engineers at the IFC Group are able to use leading-edge technology in order to incorporate Computational Modelling into our assessment and design processes.

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) we are able to very precisely calculate flow speeds, pressures, behaviours and other characteristics that enable us to model specific scenarios in a digitally created environment. This allows us to determine how a fire in a given scenario will develop without the need for expensive physical tests.

Scientific data and analysis can be extrapolated into ‘what if’ models that can provide a true understanding of potential risks and form the basis of recommendations that support any engineering conclusions.

As with all IFC Engineering reports, the data, analysis and findings are presented in an easy to digest format, ensuring that clients and approving bodies have the independent data and analysis they need to assess plans and any proffered engineering solutions quickly and confidently.

IFC are able to create detailed three dimensional fire dynamics and smoke movement calculations using CFD.


Our experienced team can assist you with advice on any fire safety issues and with expanding offices throughout the UK and overseas our team are able to offer local advice wherever you need it. Please complete our enquiry form, so we can assess your requirements.
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