Alarm systems

Almost all types of building need some type of fire alarm system and it is essential to ensure that the fire alarm, detection and warning systems are specified correctly. 

How important are notification systems?

Audible Notification Equipment employs sensory methods to alert inhabitants to a potential emergency. These devices include standardised audible alarms or Emergency Voice Alarm Communications (public address voice messages) that direct occupants how to evacuate safely.

Early detection is a vital component of any life safety/fire protection scheme. It is equally critical that the type of active fire protection system designed is best suited for the environment that it is protecting to ensure it will perform as required and intended.

How IFC can help

Our highly knowledgeable engineers will be able to determine precisely the types and number of monitors, detectors, alarms required for your building’s environment.
IFC can assist in the specification and design of these increasingly used systems as well as acoustic modelling, to ensure building occupants are informed of a potential emergency at the earliest opportunity.

Statutory Signage

IFC can carry out Isometric Modelling and offer advice on their use combined with statutory signage, and audible notifications, to ensure that buildings can be evacuated within the required time.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting equipment can also be implemented as part of an automated cause and effect system that is and activated upon detection of a fire or smoke; allowing for safer and effective travel during an emergency.

Types of Alarm systems

IFC will be able to incorporate the most appropriate methods of detection whether it be heat, smoke or gas detectors, aspirators, wireless or the latest beam detection systems.

Emergency Voice Communication

Emergency Assist Alarms

Addressable Technology

Wireless / Hybrid Solutions

Conventional Technology