Active Systems

Forming part of our premium Fire Engineering capability is our knowledge and world leading competence in Active Fire Protection Engineering (AFPE), itself an integral component of any fire safety strategy. We are specialists in the design, specification and inspection of Active Fire Systems and can advise on the most effective use in high rise buildings, commercial properties and heritage sites.

Our extensive knowledge of residential and commercial fire protection systems, including alarms, detection systems as well as sprinkler and other suppression systems, means we can help you identify and solve any potential risks that may arise during the life of the building.

Intelligent and effective system design, regular maintenance and inspections provide peace of mind and ensure you have a robust legal stand point. Remember, even the smallest of alterations to a building design can reduce the effectiveness of even the most resilient of systems.

Heritage Specialists

Our team are among the most experienced professionals in the country in preserving the historic fabric of our heritage buildings, whilst upgrading and ensuring the effective application of modern Fire Safety systems within them.

Experts you can trust

Ill-fitted or deteriorated systems, as well as changes to structural materials and layouts can compromise the effectiveness of your building’s fire protection. IFC engineers are able to properly assess and ensure any remedial recommendations are implemented and maintained.