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The retail sector continually changes in response to demands from increasingly sophisticated consumers. This constant evolving relationship between the shopper and modern retail developments, results in a cycle of new build projects and existing site refurbishments, as they look to suit customer needs.

Our portfolio of successful fire safety projects in the retail industry spans across single site buildings to multi-site national retail brands and complex shopping centres. The consistent aim being the integration of unobtrusive fire safety systems that do not hinder or overtly interfere with the experience of the shopper or the retail brand outlets, but provide the means to respond to a fire should the situation arise.

Galleria Outlet Centre
Westgate Centre
Liberty Wharf Retail Phase
Kingsgate Shopping Centre
Dockside Shopping Centre
Royal William Yard
LIDL Stores

Oxford Covered Market
St David’s Shopping Centre
Kings Walk Shopping Centre
MOTO Hospitality
Heathrow Airport Retail
CitySpace Storage
Friars Square Shopping Centre
Queen’s Shopping Centre