Projects - Heritage

Our aim is to sensitively protect and preserve our built heritage, whilst maximising the fire safety of the building. Heritage buildings are inherently unique so we apply core conservation principles in every aspect of our fire engineering advice.

We work with private owners, national heritage bodies, planning authorities and conservation groups on a diverse array of projects from iconic London landmarks, to privately listed dwellings and historical estates. From refurbishments to post occupancy fire risk assessments and staff training, our experienced team provide bespoke solutions tailored to the conservation values of each important historical building.

Royal Palaces
Tower of London
British Library
Calke Abbey
Osborne House
Royal Palaces
The National Gallery
Freston Tower, Landmark Trust
Nunnington Hall
The Canterbury Journey

Royal Albert Hall
Birmingham Library
Hampton Court
Royal William Yard
Hawkstone Hall
Kew Palace
Montecute House, National Trust
Lincoln College Oxford University
British Museum
Tower Bridge