Projects - Healthcare

Healthcare facilities need to be safe and secure environments, and fire safety is a critical component in this. Occupants of buildings can be bed bound and evacuation is often difficult. A well designed building ensures that staff can continue their vital work and patients can recover in a safe healing environment.

We have extensive experience providing fire safety solutions to care homes, NHS Trusts, hospitals, research labs and operating theatres. Advising clients on the importance of active fire protection systems, clear evacuation plans, fire stopping systems and compartmentation.

St Davids Hospital Cardiff
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
Kings College Psychiatric
QE2 Birmingham
Medway Hospital
Duchy Hospital Truro
St Lukes Residential Home
1 St Kildas Road Children’s Care Home

London School of Hygiene
Mawdsley Hospital Institute Psychiatry
Berkshire Independent Hospital
Colchester Oaks Hospital
Fitzwilliam Hospital
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Ramsay Health Care
Graylingwell Hospital