UK Passive Fire Protection Training Courses 2019

IFC Group training is an excellent way of gaining the background knowledge for checking, undertaking site installations and maintenance of passive fire protection systems.

Due to high demand, IFC are offering modular training courses delivered by Colin Keeley, who is one of the leading trainers in passive fire protection.

      These classroom based courses are limited to 20 people and will be held at the IFC Group head office in Princes Risborough

If you wish to proceed with training, please complete and return the Application for Training form (downloadable PDF below) along with advanced payment to Karen Epps at IFC Group.


Course details | module dates for 2019


Tuesday 19th February

Course reference: 19135

Modules: Core Module + Timber Fire Doors

Tuesday 2nd April

Course reference: 19136

Modules: Core Module + Penetration Sealing Systems

Tuesday 4th June

Course reference: 19137

Modules: Core Module + Fire Door Maintenance ffffffffffffff

Tuesday 24th September

Course reference: 19138

Modules: Core Module + Timber Fire Doors fffff

Tuesday 5th November

Course reference: 19139

Modules: Core Module + Penetration Sealing Systems fffff

More training course dates will be posted soon




Course details | module synopses

IFC training courses are designed to be modular, so that you can tailor the courses to best suit your needs. However, the core module forms a foundation and attendees are required to sit this element once, prior to taking any of the subsequent modules.

Core module:
Introduction to IFC, Building Regulations and Fire Testing. This includes examples of real fires and what went wrong! Issues are explored and explained.
Timber doors module:
Review of Fire Doors and doorsets including the specific components that make up timber fire doors. This will include frame, leaves, smoke and intumescent seals.
Penetration sealing module:
How holes are commonly sealed in buildings, with examples.
Fire door maintenance module:
Concentrates mainly on timber doors as these suffer the most wear but also covers steel, aluminium and composite doors. Looks at existing doors rather than new installations, hardware, glazing and smoke / intumescent seals.
Passive fire awareness:
Part One – Introduction to IFC, Building Regulations, Passive and Active Fire Protection.
Part Two – Covers fire protection systems including: compartmentation, wall & ceiling liners, service risers, penetration sealing systems, cavity barriers, ducts & dampers, fire resisting doors, shutters and curtains and structural steel protection.


The training is independent from any 3rd party installer certification scheme. However, if training is to be undertaken in advance of the competence assessment requirement of our sister company IFC Certification Ltd Installer Scheme, then the fees for the competence assessment will be waived.

Further details of this scheme are available at