Sprinkler System Inspection

Sprinkler systems are highly effective at controlling fires. However, that is dependent on them being designed and installed correctly. In addition, if the building design or contents change, it is also often necessary to modify the sprinklers. Building owners often do not realise that relatively small changes to the building design or usage can mean that the sprinklers will no longer be effective.

The main British Standard for the design of sprinkler systems in the UK is BS EN 12845. The 2015 version of that document introduced a new requirement stating that sprinkler systems should be inspected every 12 months. If this inspection is not carried out, the sprinkler installation would not be compliant with BS EN 12845 and so there may be an impact on issues such as insurance claims, should there be an incident.

"The sprinkler system shall be periodically inspected at least once a year by a third party. The installation report shall assess whether the system is in accordance with this standard, with regard to maintenance, operation and adequacy for the risk involved."

 IFC's team of experts are specialists in carrying out independent third party site inspections of sprinkler systems, intended to comply with the BS EN 12845 requirement and give confidence to the building's user (and insurer) that the sprinklers are not being compromised.

The site inspections are carried out by IFC's sister company, IFC Certification under a UKAS accredited inspection scheme, which gives our clients the confidence that the inspections are carried out to a high standard.

IFC's team of experts can also assist with designing new sprinkler systems. 


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