Fire Safety Plans

Where a building is of any size or complexity it is advisable to have a set of fire safety plans available. In particular, these are typically needed as part of the handover pack of information needed under Regulation 38 (formerly Regulation 16B) of the Building Regulations, as detailed in Approved Document B.

These fire safety plans will document the physical fire safety arrangements within the building, including escape routes, fire brigade access routes, fire rated walls and the locations of fire safety equipment such as extinguishers.

The plans can be displayed to help occupants identify escape routes (such as in hotels) and can be used to help staff manage and maintain the building. In particular, specifying which walls need to be fire rated will help ensure that the integrity of those walls is maintained (contractors can be given the plans so that they know to provide fire-stopping in any holes that they may create in those walls).

IFC have the expertise to produce fire safety plans and all other information required for compliance with Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations.

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