Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment ImageA fire risk assessment is a survey of a building to review the standards of fire safety. It will include an assessment of all issues that would affect the levels of fire safety such as:

  • the type of occupancy
  • the amount of combustible materials
  • the escape routes
  • the fire safety systems that are present (such as fire alarms)
  • the fire safety equipment that is present (such as fire extinguishers)
  • the management standards

The legal requirement for carrying out a fire risk assessment is covered in this page (Legal Requirements).

IFC have detailed expertise in carrying out fire risk assessments. We also have the expertise in-house to carry out site inspections and surveys of fire doors and other fire systems (such as fire alarm systems and sprinklers). Should upgrade work be required, we can assist in developing tender specifications for the work and inspecting the work once it is complete. 

Thanks to our our complete range of services, we can also produce fire safety plans, assist in developing fire safety management procedures or help in training staff.

Our team of experts will be pleased to discuss any of our services with you.

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