Fire Investigation

A fire can have devastating consequences be it large or small. All significant fires will be investigated by the Local Authority Fire Service, whose primary remit will be to investigate the cause of the fire and to support any legal actions that may follow. Insurance industries, and the relevant loss adjustors, will also carry out their own investigations in relation to any insurance claims, and to minimise the loss.

       However, a client will often find a need for an independent fire specialist to provide advice and technical expertise following a fire. This could be for a range of issues, such as:

To provide fire safety expertise as an expert witness for any civil or legal proceedings that may occur
To assess the consequences of the fire on the building, along with the development of a recovery programme to detail how the business can be up and running with as little disruption as possible
To review the company's operational and physical infrastructure to determine what measures can be implemented to reduce the risk of future fires occuring


IFC have extensive experience in all of these areas. Combined with our expertise in fire engineering and in the performance of products in fire, we are well placed to provide expert fire specialist support to help resolve problems following a fire.


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