Fire Door Surveys

Fire DoorsThe actual performance of an installed fire door can vary significantly due to a wide variety of factors, including the door, frame, hardware, intumescent strips and smoke seals (where necessary). Inspections of existing fire doors is therefore a job for a specialist in the field.

IFC staff include experts in all areas of fire safety, including experts in fire door testing, installation and inspection. We run a certification scheme for fire door installers to train them in the correct methods for installation. As such, we are very well placed to carry out inspections and surveys of any fire door installations. 

If there is a need to survey or upgrade existing doorsets, we would typically assist by:

  • conducting inspections of compartmentation (individually, or, as part of a ongoing maintenance regime);
  • preparing user-friendly Schedules of Work for Contractors to price and implement the work;
  • providing ongoing support to the Contractor; and
  • conducting audits to ensure that the work is done correctly before payments to Contractors are authorised.

We also ensure that work is underwritten by appropriate documentation that can be submitted to Building Control and put on file for use in Fire Risk Assessments under the Regulatory Reform Order or equivalent national legislation. 

We also find that in some situations, combining fire engineering techniques with inspections of doors can identify alternative, more cost effective methods for resolving the problems. For example, if the condition and operation of fire resisting doorsets is considered in conjunction with an effective evacuation strategy and/or fire risk assessment, remedial works can be practical and economic, whilst always providing high standards of life safety for occupants.

Our team of experts will be pleased to discuss any of our services with you.

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