Waste Recycling and Energy From Waste


re3 Reading

The re3 site is a waste recycing facility in Reading. IFC were called in to help shortly after the building was completed because there were problems with some of the installed fire safety precautions. The issues included the fact that the sprinkler system did not give adequate coverage and that there were extended travel distances from some of the high level gantries. The fire alarm system was also giving regular false alarms due to an inappropriate choice of smoke detection system.

IFC helped resolve the issues, assisting the client with ensuring that the contractors corrected all the faults with the systems and helped negotiations with the insurers.


IFC carried out a series of site inspections of existing FCC sites, assisting FCC in negotiations with their insurers to identify a risk mitigation method for confirming the appropriate fire precautions needed for each of their sites, depending on the types of risks and processes in each. That helped FCC in carrying out upgrades to the fire precautions within key facilities, whilst avoiding excessive cost where unnecessary.

Peterborough Energy From Waste

IFC worked as part of the design team in developing a fire strategy for a new Energy From Waste facility. The fire strategy covered all fire safety issues, including life safety as well as insurance risks. IFC used our expertise to assist in ensuring that all appropriate fire precautions are specified for the building, whilst verifying that unnecessary costs were not incurred. This included challenging certain client requirements and generic insurance issues in some cases where they were not appropriate for this type of facility.

Waterbeach Waste Management Park

Following a fire, the facility was the focus of a detailed inspection by the insurers which resulted in recommendations for extensive upgrades in fire safety systems throughout their site. The site management commissioned IFC to assist in reviewing those recommendations, negotiating with the insurers to confirm details of systems and reduce the costs where approriate, preparaing technical specifications for tender, interviewing contractors and assisting in checking installed systems.

As a result, IFC managed to significantly reduce the costs of the fire precautions that were needed, whilst also maintaining a high standard of fire safety and ensuring the approval of the insurers.

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