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Sizewell nuclear power stations are two nuclear power stations located near the small fishing village of Sizewell in Suffolk, England. Sizewell A, with two magnox reactors, is now in the process of being decommissioned, while Sizewell B has a single pressurised water reactor and is the UK's newest nuclear power station.

IFC carried out fire protection, compartmentation and means of escape condition surveys at Sizewell A plant, all as part of the facilities 5 & 10 year life extension works.  Work included surveys being carried out in the reactor buildings, turbine and generator halls, ponds areas, R1-R4 areas, catacombs, pile cap, workshops, control rooms, engineering and maintenance and administration  buildings



Oldbury nuclear power station is a nuclear power station located on the south bank of the River Severn close to the village of Oldbury-on-Severn in South Gloucestershire, England. It is operated by Magnox North Limited, on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).  IFC carried out survey and remedial design advice and specification for fire compartmentation works.  IFC also provided technical training and fire safety technical support to Magnox at their Berkeley headquarters.


Peterborough Renewable Energy (PREL)

The PREL project is a large renewable energy project based in Peterborough. IFC have been appointed to provide the fire strategy solutions and operational plant protection plans for this new waste to energy facility.  Works are ongoing and include comprehensive fire safety technical support to the client and design team, protecting the Client's interests throughout the project design and construction period.

IFC are deriving the fire protection strategies, supporting all fire related  design activities by the design and construction team, carrying out negotiations on behalf of the Client with all approving authorities, insurers and other parties with respect to fire safety.  IFC involvement includes detailed design services with respect to active and passive fire safety systems, as well as the initial compartmentation, AFD and sprinkler systems design for the project, advice re fire safety procedures and training and ongoing fire risk assessments during the construction process.  Means of escape and fire fighting in industrial plant areas are particularly important issues.

IFC are particularly focussing on issues such as inadequate means of escape from plant areas, shaded areas of protection from supression to plant, such as MRF's (Materials Recycling Facilities) and fire fighting of deep seated fires in materials storage areas.

  EDF Energy Transformer Stations

IFC were commissioned to review and assess the fire safety issues relating to the use of active supression systems as fire extinguishing agents on EDF transformer stations. 


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