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The work involved the three main processing factory sites for Weetabix. On each site, IFC carried out extensive fire risk assessments that involved life safety assessment as well as a detailed appraisal of the property protection and operational continuity risks, followed by recommendations of ways to reduce the fire related risks as far as possible.


Bio Ethanol Plant, Lincoln

For a new-build bio-ethanol plant in Lincoln, IFC were commissioned to address the fire safety issues. In particular, the fire risk presented by the ethanol and processing facilities created specific challenges for ensuring high standards of fire safety for the occupants, as well as guaranteeing that the fire brigade were provided with good standards of access and extinguishing capabilities throughout the site.  


PJET, Belgium

The IFC Group were asked to look at the JET transshipment terminal located in the industrial part at the sea-canal near Brussels, Belgium. JET (formerly know as Seca) represent the European Brand of ConocoPhillips, an international, integrated energy company. This terminal has a key function in the distribution of fuel and petrol in Belgium and surrounding countries. The terminal has a capacity of 13 million m³ petrol and 33 million m³ fuel (for domestic and traffic purpose).


  Robert Wiseman Dairies

Robert Wiseman Dairies plc is a large Scottish milk supplier and distributor. IFC provided detailed fire risk assessment services to the Droitwich Spa and the Manchester facilities focussed specifically on the insurance issues related to the use of combustible-cored sandwich panels throughout the buildings.

  RE3, Smallmead

The RE3 site in Smallmead consists of a waste processing facility. IFC were commissioned to advise on the design and installation of fire alarm, detection and suppression systems.


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