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Shetland Catch

Shetland Catch is the largest pelagic fish processing factory of its kind in Europe. It is located in the Shetland Islands, off the coast of Scotland.  This innovative sandwich panel construction presented a number of challenges at a time when several large structures of a similar design had suffered major fires. 

As authors of the standard, IFC adopted the fire safety design principles outlined in the IACSC (International Association of Cold Storage contractors) Fire Safety Design guide for temperature controlled buildings (as referenced and recommended in the Building Regulations, Approved Document B, Appendix F).  

All fire test, design and performance data for the chosen sandwich panels was vetted and appraised by IFC experts and working with the archiotect and Client to control hazards and ignition sources a robust fire safety strategy was agreed and adopted.  IFC were involved in the audit and snagging of the construction process to provide a holistic fire engineered solution.  



IFC's work involved the three main processing factory sites for Weetabix. On each site, IFC carried out extensive fire risk assessments and condition surveys.  Audits involved life safety assessment as well as a detailed appraisal of the property protection and operational continuity issues and risks.  Following completion of the survey and data collection phases IFC provided detaield reports to the Client making recommendations and prioritising risk reduction measures. 

Accompanying the fire risk assessment reports and recommendations were also a series of costed works packages that were prioritised and which in whole or in part would help reduce and mitigate the fire related risks, as far as reasonably possible.


 Robert Wiseman Dairies   

Robert Wiseman Dairies Plc is a large Scottish milk supplier and distributor. IFC provided detailed condition survey and fire risk assessment services to the Droitwich Spa and the Manchester facilities, focussed specifically on the insurance issues related to the use of combustible-cored sandwich panels throughout the buildings. 

IFC have also provided ongoing fire safety strategy and design advice for new build projects for Wiseman Dairies.  Services have included the survey and labelling of sandwich panel buildings, to better inform insurance surveyors and fire risk assessors as to the potential structural and fire spread risks that may exist when dealing with some sandwich panel structures.  Risk mitigation strategies and advice were provided along with site safety plans indicating the nature and types of sandwich panels used and present on site. 

  St Merryn Meats

St Merryn Meats is a meat processing company with a number of facilities throughout the coutnry. IFC were commissioned to carry out surveys and fire risk assessments to the IACSC Guide and standards (as referenced and recommended in the Building Regulations, Approved Document B, Appendix F) of their abbatoir in Wales due to the use of combustible cored sandwich panels. 

  Wing Yip

Wing Yip is a Chinese supermarket chain based in the UK. IFC were commissioned to carry out fire risk assessments to the IACSC standards (as above) of a number of their superstores, especially focussing on the use and control of fire risks in relation to combustible-cored sandwich panel designed buildings.


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