Palace of Westminster

Houses of ParliamentExtension of work on Palace of Westminster

IFC are pleased to announce that their framework contract with the Parliamentary Estates Directorate (PED) for the provision of fire engineering services to the likes of the Palace of Westminster has been extended for another two years. This extension is as a result of excellent performance on the previous years' work.

IFC's role is to provide fire safety engineering expertise to support the overall upgrade and maintenance projects for the Palace of Westminster and wider estate, which includes the Houses of Parliament and many surrounding buildings.  

A key aspect of the work is how to achieve the required levels of fire safety and reduce the risk of fire damage to property with minimal impact on the existing historic fabric of these wonderful heritage buildings. IFC's expertise in all areas of fire safety, including fire engineering, bespoke fire systems design, fire compartmentation, fire testing and material performance means that IFC are uniquely placed to provide these services and solutions.

Last Updated: 23/02/2012