Overview of Fire Testing

In order to sell or use a product, manufacturers or suppliers would often need to make sure that it meets certain fire performance criteria. The exact requirements can be complex, with typical issues as follows.

A number of different fire tests are often required
For products that are sold internationally, the fire standards can vary in each country
Standards are updated regularly, so tests which were carried out serveral years ago may no longer be relevant
Requirements can be for fire testing, fire assesments or fire certification and the difference between these are regularly misunderstood

It can therefore be difficult for product manufacturers and suppliers to make sure that they comply with the relevant fire legislation when developing a new product, making changes to existing products or ensuring that they are up to date with current requirements.


For more details on typical types of materials and products that need to meet fire test standards, please click on this link.

IFC are experts in all areas of fire testing and regularly help our clients comply with the relevant fire testing requirements. Typical services that we offer to clients include: In each case we would work with our client to:

Assistance in developing new products
Assistance in updating or modifying existing products
Confirming compliance of existing products

In each case we would work with our client to:

Review and identify the fire standards that the product needs to meet
Review the product against those standards, along with any test evidence that may be available
If necessary, carry out Engineering Assessments of fire performance
Confirm whether further Fire Testing is needed, and, if necessary, support the client in carrying those tests out
If 3rd Party Certification is needed, we can provide that via our Certification division
Producing documentation confirming the fire performance of the product, including Field of Application reports, if necessary, which show the range of situations in which the stated fire performance is valid

One of the unique aspects to our service is that we can also combine our fire testing expertise with our fire engineering experience which can often identify innovative new ways for our clients to utilise or market their products.


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