Fire Testing Services

IFC are experts in all areas of fire testing and advise our clients on how to comply with the relevant fire legislation. We do not operate our own fire test laboratories, as the company's intention is to provide independent expert advice and support without the potential compromise that operating a test facility would bring.

For example, if we can identify ways to completely avoid the need and expense of fire testing, then that is what we will do. One way to achieve this is by carrying out an Engineering Assessment of fire performance, which avoids the need for the time and expense required for a test.

For details of our expertise in Assessments, please take a look at our Engineering Assesments page 


We have detailed expertise in all areas of fire testing,
so for clients who need to carry out fire testing we would:

✓ Confirm the fire tests that they need

✓ Identify relevant fire testings facilities

✓ Obtain quotes and assist the client in commissioning the fire tests

✓ Witness the tests to ensure that they are carried out correctly

✓ Review the results


Large enough to deliver
Small enough to care

With operations expanding and offices opening across the UK and abroad, we can provide the same level of
expertise to your local projects, as we do to large-scale multi-team international developments.

Our dedicated team will remain your partner every step of the way.

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