Engineering Assessments

IFC are leading experts in this field, and are capable of producing Engineering Assessments of fire performance in a very wide range of areas. Fire testing is not needed for every single product, or variety of product. For example, a particular manufacturer might sell a range of different fire shutters of varying sizes. Carrying out fire tests on every single type of fire shutter that they sell would be unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming.

As long as fire test evidence is available on some of the shutters, then a competent expert can review the fire tests that have been carried out, and produce what is called an "Engineering Assessment" that confirms that the other products in the range also give the relevant performance.

Engineering Assessments are also carried out in some cases where physical fire testing is not possible, such as for products that are too large to fit into the standard fire furnaces, or where the product is already installed. Project specific assessments are also carried out when there are particular issues about a specific installation. This may be the case if the installation is outside the general Field of Application report. 


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