Sprinkler System Design

IFC offer a full range of design and inspection services for sprinkler systems.


Initial consideration as to the suitability or appropriateness of any proposed sprinkler system and the subsequent identification of the most economical design solution for your sprinkler protection requirements.

This service is always possible and design improvements can be made or efficiency savings achieved, at most stages of a project, whether it be a mandatory (code driven requirement), or as a result of an insurance recommendation. Usually the earlier we are involved the greater the potential saving.


On-Site Survey: 

Full site surveys are performed for installations, alterations or enhancements to existing sprinkler installations or for new build projects.



Concept, performance based and detailed design services are available including all aspects of any system including resilience, tankage, supply issues, coverage, adequacy (ie fire size, hazard class etc.), room and contents, pipe routing, configurations, specification, contracting, procurement and sourcing type issues etc.


Plan Review: 

Full review of sprinkler plans and hydraulic calculations for insurance approval or conformity to local standards. A review of the technical and economical issues are incorporated as standard.


Hydraulic Calculations: 

Hydraulic calculations ensure the system will provide adequate protection for the hazard. Full hydraulic calculations are performed using industry standard software, to ensure the most economical sprinkler systems are designed for each particular type of system.


CAD Design: 

All designs are produced using industry standard CAD software. 

Please follow these links for details of the types of sprinkler system and the relevant design standards available.


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