Summary of Services

One of the unique benefits of International Fire Consultants Ltd. (IFC) is the breadth of experience that we can provide to assist our Clients in the fire safety design, construction, management and operation of their facilities throughout the lifespan of a facility. This is demonstrated using the diagram below, based on the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) work stages.


Building stage Typical services

Early design/masterplan

RIBA stage A (Appraisal)

RIBA stage B (Design brief)

RIBA stage C (Concept design)

Initial fire strategy. Overview of main fire issues.

Focus on masterplanning and massing issues such as site access issues for fire service, the number and location of staircores, fire water supplies and other major factors. 

Design development

RIBA stage D (Design development)

RIBA stage E (Technical design)

Fire strategy development, including general support of design team and liaison with  statutory authorities to obtain approvals.

Design of fire safety systems (e.g. compartmentation, sprinklersfire alarm system)

If needed or beneficial, carry out fire engineering analyses such as egress and smoke modellingstructural fire engineering and radiation analysis

Preparation of detailed drawings of bespoke doorsets and other fire resisting construction 

3rd party peer review of fire engineering analyses carried out by others 


RIBA stage F  (Production information)

RIBA stage G  (Tender documentation)

RIBA stage H (Tender action)

Assist Client design team in developing tender documentation, packages and specifications

Review of tenders to confirm content and competence of contractors


RIBA stage J (mobilisation)

RIBA stage K (construction to practical completion)

Monitor and supervise fire safety throughout design development and construction to ensure construction complies with fire strategy intent

Independent expert, site surveys, inspections and commissioning of fire safety systems and products, such as penetration sealing and fire doors

Ongoing Fire risk assessments of construction site

Represent Client interests in liaison and negotiations with statutory authorities to obtain approvals

On hand expert advice to troubleshoot problems that arise on site

Certification of installers, products, systems and materials

Radiation external fire spread analysis for timber framed construction (and other types of timber construction)

Operation of completed building

RIBA stage L (post practical completion)

Fire risk assessments

Training for fire risk assessors

Preparation of fire safety management strategies and fire safety plans

Site surveys and inspections of fire systems and products such as fire alarm systems, sprinklers, fire compartmentation i.e. penetration sealing and fire doors.


Large enough to deliver
Small enough to care

With operations expanding and offices opening across the UK and abroad, we can provide the same level of
expertise to your local projects, as we do to large-scale multi-team international developments.

Our dedicated team will remain your partner every step of the way.