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The IFC Group Safety by design


Fire Safety is at our core

Fire Safety and protection is at the heart of everything we do, it forms our strategies,  guides our thinking, drives us to be best
in class. It can be seen through-out our work, our designs and
our daily interactions.

Fire safety is in our DNA and we pride ourselves on excellence

Creating an ever-safer built environment is in the mindset of everyone who belongs to this remarkable organisation and for
those who join the company; this desire to keep people safe, as
they go about their daily lives is the #1 driving factor – it is what
gets us out of bed and is what we strive for every day.

Walking around a busy stadium, shopping mall, university campus or high-rise building, knowing you helped design solutions that contributed to the way it functions, the way it looks and the safety of all the people around you - is a pretty satisfying feeling!"

Senior Fire Engineer, International Fire Consultants


We recognise the importance and significance
of our contributions

Ensuring that people are ultimately as safe from injury and harm
from a fire is a pretty awesome responsibility and one that
must be right every single time.

As such, we have brought together some of the very best people
the industry has to offer and will continue to employ and
support talented people that can make a difference.

If these values and principles resonate with you and you think you could be a good fit
for our team; we would love to hear from you!

Please send your CV and covering letter.

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