The golden thread


Peter Barker flags up some key issues identified in the Hackitt report as central to a more robust, transparent and efficient approach to fire safety and assurance in construction.

One of the key findings in the summary of the interim report on the review of building regulations and fire safety is, perhaps unsurprisingly, that the current regulatory system of ensuring fire safety in high rise and complex buildings is not fit for purpose. The report cites a number of reasons as to why this conclusion was reached...


Author Bio: Peter Barker is a Fire Safety Engineering Manager and Team Leader in the engineering and technical evaluation/assurance department at International Fire Consultants Ltd (IFC), part of the IFC Group of companies. As an independent fire safety expert in the UK and internationally, Peter has focused on passive fire protection. At IFC and in his previous role at a leading UKAS accredited fire testing laboratory, Peter continues to help raise industry standards, and drive best practice.

Peter is an active member of various committees within BSI and CEN, helping to develop national and international standards and codes of practice. Over the last two decades Peter has provided training, engineering assessments and overseen site inspections and testing of fire resisting elements of construction, across a diverse range of industry sectors; from Transport, Education and Healthcare, to Heritage sites, Nuclear Energy and Defence.

The golden thread FRM March 2018 The golden thread FRM March 2018 (4585.9kb)

Last Updated: 26/03/2018