Fire Code Development

International Fire Consultants Ltd. (IFC), employing as it does, many of the well known names in the fire consultancy business, has either written, or employs staff who have written or contributed to the authoring of many of the codes, standards and reference documents that are used by the fire safety practitioners in the UK, such as:BR 368: Design Methodologies for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation

  • The LPC Design Guide on the fire protection of buildings (major contributor)
  • BS 476 Parts 20 to 23 Fire tests on building materials and structures (1987)
  • BB100 Design for Fire Safety in Schools 
  • The IFSA Guide on the Sealing of Linear Gap and Service Penetrations
  • Many CEN and International Standard documents (eg ISOTR 12470; pr EN 1634-2)
  • The IACSC Guidelines for the Design, Specification, Construction, Maintenance and Fire Management of INsulated Envelope for Temperature Controlled Environments
  • BS 8214 the Code on Timber Fire Resisting Door Assemblies
  • Electrical Safety Council - Electrical Installations and their Impact on the Fire Performance of Buildings 
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 - Guidance Note 3: Fire safety on sub-surface railway stations

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 BS 7974 Part 3: Application of fire safety engineering principles to the design of buildingsBS 8214: Fire door assemblies with non-metallic leaves