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IFC Certification Ltd (part of the IFC Group) is UKAS accredited and an internationally recognised provider of high quality customer focused independent third party certification.

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The difference between a Fire Test and a Fire Certificate is widely misunderstood in the construction industry and so we have provided a summary as follows.

Fire Tested products - A Fire Test report shows that a sample of a product was tested on a particular day in a fire testing facility and achieved a certain result. For example, it might show that a fire door was sent by a manufacturer to a fire testing laboratory, and, when tested, gave a 30 minute fire rating. That test might have been carried out several years ago. 

However, the Fire Test report does not guarantee that the product that is supplied to site is the same as the one that was tested. This is reliant on the manufacturer to achieve, and if they have changed manufacturing methods or source materials, the test report would be invalid, and there is no way for the client or contractor to find out whether that has happened.

Fire Certificated products -  A product that is supported by a Fire Certificate means that the manufacturer has signed up to an ongoing relationship with an independent Certification Body who regularly check their quality control systems, manufacturing methods and fire test reports. This gives a much higher level of confidence that the product that is supplied to site meets the required fire standards.

The IFC Group of companies includes IFC Certification Ltd., which is an independent Certification body and provides a number of 3rd party certification schemes for fire rated products. All schemes are accredited by UKAS, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. For legal reasons, and to ensure the independence of the Certification body, IFC Certification Ltd is a separate legal entity and has its own separate web site which can be accessed through this link.

Fire Certificated installers - IFC Certification Ltd. also operates 3rd party certification schemes for installers of fire rated products. If a product or system is installed incorrectly, there is a good chance that it will not achieve the required fire performance. By using an installer who is part of a 3rd party certification scheme, the client has more confidence that the product or system will be installed correctly.